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10 reasons to buy a tablet - and 5 not!


The author of this article is: John Biggs in TechCrunch I took the main points & the article address from his article and comment on it

Most of us are watching (walking to be accurate) the market for a new tablet that might be the one we are looking for. But rather then just wondering which will suit us well? The right question is what will we be needing it for?

To me think there should be a guide line for each one of us to help us decide what will benefit us and what isn’t? Anyway here is a good points I found it in some website that the author wrote (seems pretty reasonable to me!):

  1. Tablet could be used as a good e-reader:

In this point it might for some people but to me after I tried the kindle I don’t think so. Why? If you haven’t read from an electronic paper with e-ink you should right away. Because reading in tablet with a radiation coming from the screen will hurt your eyes and your sight going to fade away with time, unlike the e-reader there aren’t any radiation at all it’s like you reading from a book.

  1. Tablets are portable productive station:


  1. Tablet are better that old laptops:

Can’t argue with that!

  1. Tablet are great for meetings:

“While you should probably paying attention during meetings, tablets are a great way to take notes unobtrusively and, when things get boring, play Angry Birds on mute.”

  1. Tablet are great in sharing photos & 1-1 presentation:

I don’t know about that I haven’t tried it yet! Since I don’t have one.

  1. Tablet are great to view movies and pictures:

Maybe if I was in a place without my 46″ TV!

  1. Tablet are cheaper from some laptops:

Yeah right! With the same amount of money I pay for an Ipad I could bring a marvels laptop!

  1. Tablet are good for travels:

I do think so.

  1. Tablet don’t crash!:

I don’t know about that!

  1. Tablet are just cool!:

This was the author point of view as he mentioned that it makes you feel like your from the future.

As for the reason not to buy I just copied it and paste it here since is so simple and clear!

1. Are tablets as portable as the phone you already have? You can stick your phone in your pocket and never know it’s there, but can you do the same with an iPad or TouchPad? I don’t think so, unless your name happens to be Baggin’ Saggin’ Barry. Is carrying an extra bag to holster your tablet the end of the world? Clearly not, no, but don’t try to tell me it’s as portable as my handy little Android (or whatever) phone when it’s patently not.

2. Where are the games? And by games I don’t mean things like Angry Birds, with all due respect to our fine feathered friends. Will I be able to play 64-play multi-player in Battlefield with a tablet? Will I be able to waste hundreds of hours playing World of Warcraft? What about Crysis 2? Tablets may have their place in the world, but playing real games to the fullest will always require a discrete GPU-backed PC.

3. How much work can you do on one of these things? Do they run Photoshop? How long will it take to render video? My guess is that my desktop PC, with its overclocked (to 4.0GHz) quad-core processor and hundreds of gigabytes of free space, will be able to render a video 800 times in succession before a tablet can render a video just once.

4. “You can browse the Web with a tablet while watching TV on your couch! And movies look great on them!” All fair points, but I can already browse the Web on my couch with my battle-tested laptop, so why get another device to do the same thing? That doesn’t make much sense, does it? As for movies, well, I prefer watching them on with a proper setup—Blu-ray player, big screen TV, surround sound, the works—as opposed to watching them cramped on a train, or even hunched over in bed.

5. Something better will come along in a few months. Remember when netbooks were all the rage a couple of years ago? The future of computing, and so forth. You barely see them mentioned anymore, and that’s because tablets are the new soup du jour. In four years we’ll all be writing “Remember tablets?” articles, lamenting having spent all that money on a silly piece of transitionary technology.

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The new feature of Chrome, Web Store!


chromelogo.jpg (266×190)

Google had announced of it’s newest product for Chrome “The Web Store”, it’s the same thing as android market which contains web apps (Application which was built with web technology). This new idea is a revolutionary in such way it could bring more entertainment and gadget to browsing which will make net surfing a real fun.

apps.jpg (465×173)

With web store you could download extensions to your web browser (Chrome only!) which could bring a real rich experience in browsing, for example there is Google TV! After installing it which it will not take more than seconds, you could watch a verity of channels. Another extension “blogger” if you have a blog you could easily blog an article automatically to your blog. HTML editor extension for any one interesting in web developing. In the end it will make chrome browser like a desktop no need to press desktop button or shortcut.

Below is a snapshot of my browser with the extensions:

ext.jpg (530×120)

To be honest, until I tried it, I didn’t completely “get it.” What sort of “web apps” were out there, just waiting to be integrated with my browser that didn’t already exist as a rich website that could just be opened in a new tab? I spend most of my time in a browser anyway and when I’m not, I’m using some developer IDE these are obviously not going to run in a browser tab.

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The true battle has began (Google Vs Apple)


Not 24 hours after Steve Jobs told his minions that Google’s Don’t Be Evil mantra was “B.S.” (or “crap” depending on who you listen to) Google answers by pushing out an Android update to Nexus One users that includes multi-touch (and other Android goodness).
Google, up until yesterday, left multi-touch off its U.S. Android phones, presumably in deference to Apple’s multi-touch patent.
It was also rumored that Apple asked Google not to release multitouch in the U.S. to avoid the IP aggression we’ve seen it take against Palm for including multi-touch in the Pre.
I’m not saying that Google released the Nexus One multi-touch update because of Jobs’ comments, but it may have been pushed out a little sooner because of them.
More evidence of how the relationship between Apple and Google has chilled lately.
The N1 update takes the Android/iPhone battle to a new level and frankly, the ball’s in Apple’s court. Jobs promised that the next iPhone would be A+ and that Android won’t be able to keep up with it.
Them’s fighting words, Steve!
If Apple doesn’t address a majority of the items on my iPhone wishlist (background apps, voice search, improved home/lock screens, widgets, etc.) with its “A+” release we’ll know that Jobs was just trash-talking and that Android has clearly taken the lead in the smartphone wars.
Note: Impatient Nexus One owners can force the firmware update by following this technique. It preserves your data and apps and doesn’t require root access.

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Amazing Backgrounds


Hi Folks,

Hereunder a set of backgrounds devided into folders, and the folders are:

Abstract  : 34 pics


under water : 46 pics Read the rest of this entry »

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Mom Died between her son hands


In Gaza, and it is a continuity for Jewish massacre with a supporting from Security Council !!!



    Read the rest of this entry »

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Gaza, Place of Resistants


Happy Bloody Day,

Till today, more than 400 Palestinian killed (shaheed) in Gaza between Baby, Young and Old men and women. The strange thing is the silence from the Security Council about this massacre. Unfortunately, most of western media “as usual” tries to overturn the facts by showing Read the rest of this entry »

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Bomb blast at Ore. bank kills cop, technician


WOODBURN, Ore. - A bomb exploded inside a bank late Friday afternoon, killing a police officer who arrived to check on the suspicious object and a bomb technician.

A spokesman for the Oregon State Police, Lt. Gregg Hastings, said a Woodburn police officer died. He did not identify him.

He also said the blast seriously injured the Woodburn police chief.

Image: West Coast Bank in Woodburn, Ore.

Authorities set up near West Coast Bank in Woodburn, Ore., where Oregon State Police said a bomb detonated after police arrived to inspect a suspicious device Friday.
Comment: I think this happen because of financial disaster in US. I’m afraid that was just a beginning!!

Contractless in Seattle


In the last months, alot of people lost their money in the financial markets, but also many of them lost their jobs even if they have a great experiance! Hereunder a report and story for a man called “Klausner”, he is another victom from the financail crisis.


After nine months of searching for work, Ben Klausner thought he’d finally caught a break when he landed a contract gig in September doing security work for Microsoft’s cloud computing project.

Just a month after he started, though, he learned his contract was ending. Now Klausner, a 55-year-old former IBM worker finds himself again out of work. And the prospects for employment look even dimmer than they were before the Microsoft job Read the rest of this entry »

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Rare Pictures for Mecca


Welcome All :)

Here is a rare pictures for Mecca, some of the pictures took at the last of 19th century.

AlAbas House near to Alka`aba



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Citigroup axes 50,000 jobs


Where is the world want to go? Citigroup (biggest bank in USA) is near to announce the bankruptcy after billions $’s of losing. Here is the news:

” Thousands more jobs are in danger after the world’s biggest bank announced a huge round of redundancies yesterday. Citigroup is cutting 52,000 jobs after losing £13billion over the past year. Chairman Win Bischoff warned that the axe would fall ‘particularly heavily’ at Citigroup’s European headquarters in Canary Wharf, East London, where the U.S. bank employs more than 10,000.

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