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Happy Eid !


As salam alakom,

Welcome everyone! This night is the last night of Ramadan. In Islam, there are two Eid Days. One is Eid Al-Fitr, which came after Ramada, and the other isEid Al-Adha which come at 10th of Thu-Hejja Month. Sorry I almost forgot, word “Eid” means something that return frequently and renew the happiness.


Q: What’s happen in Eid Al-Fitr Day?

This is depends on people themselves, but in common they pray Al Eid Prayer at morning around 6:00 am, then the relatives meet andĀ also eat the breakfast together. At night, sometimes there are some festivalĀ  around the city, and this festival depends on the nature of culture of the city.

So, Happy Eid and see you around :)

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