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The new feature of Chrome, Web Store!


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Google had announced of it’s newest product for Chrome “The Web Store”, it’s the same thing as android market which contains web apps (Application which was built with web technology). This new idea is a revolutionary in such way it could bring more entertainment and gadget to browsing which will make net surfing a real fun.

apps.jpg (465×173)

With web store you could download extensions to your web browser (Chrome only!) which could bring a real rich experience in browsing, for example there is Google TV! After installing it which it will not take more than seconds, you could watch a verity of channels. Another extension “blogger” if you have a blog you could easily blog an article automatically to your blog. HTML editor extension for any one interesting in web developing. In the end it will make chrome browser like a desktop no need to press desktop button or shortcut.

Below is a snapshot of my browser with the extensions:

ext.jpg (530×120)

To be honest, until I tried it, I didn’t completely “get it.” What sort of “web apps” were out there, just waiting to be integrated with my browser that didn’t already exist as a rich website that could just be opened in a new tab? I spend most of my time in a browser anyway and when I’m not, I’m using some developer IDE these are obviously not going to run in a browser tab.

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