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Great Deal: Asus F6V


As salam alakom

Last week, I went to Jarir Bookstore to explore the new laptops in the computer market. I saw a great laptop which arrived recently, and the brand is ASUS co, 1st company in Mother Board. The model is “F6V multi-color”, and it cost arount 4590 SR (around 1224 $).

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Creative Advertisements


Salam Alakom,

Here is a group of creative ads designed by experienced companies. These Ads contain a great and simple idea which aims to pull the customers attentions to specific product or service. Lets explror them!


LoL greate one


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Mafia Gang captured in Mexico


As salam alakom !

The money found hidden inside suitcases , walls and closets in Mexico. They found 207$ Million, 7 guns and 8 luxury cars. By the way, the drug dealers always have these three items (money, guns and expensive cars) and this is shown in movies and games like GTA . Here are some pictures:



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Happy Eid !


As salam alakom,

Welcome everyone! This night is the last night of Ramadan. In Islam, there are two Eid Days. One is Eid Al-Fitr, which came after Ramada, and the other isEid Al-Adha which come at 10th of Thu-Hejja Month. Sorry I almost forgot, word “Eid” means something that return frequently and renew the happiness.


Q: What’s happen in Eid Al-Fitr Day?

This is depends on people themselves, but in common they pray Al Eid Prayer at morning around 6:00 am, then the relatives meet and also eat the breakfast together. At night, sometimes there are some festival  around the city, and this festival depends on the nature of culture of the city.

So, Happy Eid and see you around :)

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Here we Go!


Hello Folks !

Welcome to my second home , Mohammed Blog. The site aims to provide several information (tech, finance, social and even personal :) ).

Have a nice tour !

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